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“You can dream, but don’t let dreams be your master”.

Being raised by a creative, imaginative and surrealistic father, the 37-year old Kat Klerks was stimulated to explore the many opportunities life would offer her and let nothing but reality stand in her way;

Spending many years in search of what her exact art form would be, Abstractionism finally found her about four years ago.

Constantly seeking for balance in imperfection in both colours and forms, Kat realizes it is the imperfection that actually creates sense in her paintings. 

Her work has now gathered a large following all over the globe and it has found representation in Paris, USA and Antwerp. Kats work currently adorns the walls of the new leading luxury boutique hotels as Lou Pinet (St. Tropez), Croisette Beach Sofitel (Cannes), August (Antwerp) and The Park Centraal Hotel (Amsterdam).